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I’ve believed in God for as long as I can remember.
I was baptized, raised and confirmed in the Lutheran church.
When I was twenty-one I became what you might call a “born-again” Christian.
I was a Methodist minister’s wife for ten years.
I studied the Bible, taught adult Bible classes and became a lay preacher.
And in 2009, on the last day of Ramadan, I said my Shahada and became a Muslim.
I started I, Muslimah to help me, and maybe others, to grow in the faith.


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  1. Asalamu Alaikum Sister Ellen,

    Thank you for your kind words and finding my blog, I have added your blog to my “Hijab Explorer” Global Women page….Mashallah your website is so great and full of insightful information :-)Inshallah hope to get to know you as well, keep in touch and have a very wonderful week ahead….

    Jazak’Allah Khair


  2. Asalamu aliakum, Ellen,

    You officially have the MOST interesting ‘about’ that I have read in a long time. Do you mind if I ask how it was that you started to read about Islam and how your husband reacted?

    If it’s none of my business, I understand!

  3. Hi Ellen!

    Asalaamoalaikum wa’ Rahmatullah wa’Barakatohu!

    I am so glad you found me and sent me a message. I love your blog–it is beautiful!

    I can’t wait to get to know you better. :)

  4. Assalamu alaikom,

    I responded to one of your posts about Converts feeling lost when coming into Islam, but I just wanted you to know that Sunnahfollowers.net teaches daily classes everyday for free. Sis Laila Nasheeba is our teacher. She’s really great. I wish we can see you isnahALLAH. I’m a convert too, alhumdulilah…I hope all is well with you sis.

    Here’s our facebook page:

    You should join it! We have people who ask their questions on islam. Also, there are updates for classes and information from the classes that are recorded.

    You’ll learn SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much sis. BELIEVE YOU ME!!

  5. Assalam o alaikum,

    I am very glad to know that you are a new Muslim and started this site to improve your knowledge. I was reading your article ” giving Islam a Bad name” It is very interesting. The reason of my interest is because it is related to my own country. But I am at odd unfortunately what you mentioned in your article about Malala. I think that the media is very much responsible for creating such a bad image about Islam.
    It is all being done to defame the Islam. But If we see the other side, you will know the reality.
    If a person is doing wrong, we will say him that he is wrong but the blame will never be on what he believes. But in the case of Islam especially, there is quite difference. People blame Islam due to Muslims. But they don’t Christianity for Christians.
    The Jesus teaching according to them is ” when some one hit you on your one check, give him your other cheek” this is the humility taught in the Bible but what the Christians done and doing in Muslim countries, there is no one to ask.
    What is all this ?
    can you give me any reply

    I will be thankful to you

    1. I agree that some Christians give Christianity a bad name, too. The truth is, any religion can be twisted to support the views and actions of just a few. What I am objecting to with the Taliban is that they are using Islam to gain political power and they use violence to intimidate people into doing what they want. I don’t believe that this is what Allah wants His believers to do.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Asalaamoalaikum wa’ Rahmatullah wa’Barakatohu Ellen!

    I would like to ask your opinions on Islam. Hope to get in touch with you soon.

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