Muslims Helping Muslims

You cannot attain to righteousness unless you spend (in charity) out of what you love.” (The Holy Quran 3:92)

Roger Davis became a Muslim in prison. Now he has a burden not only for prisoners, but for all people who need a helping hand. And the way he sees it, who better to lend that helping hand than Muslims? Isn’t that what we’re called to do? After all, charity is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. But it is also much more than paying Zakaat once a year. (See this page in for some helpful teaching about charity.)

After leaving prison, Brother Roger lived for six months in a masjid where he was able to immerse himself in Islam. And this was after he had become an amir, then a teacher of Islam and finally an imam of the prison. So he has a sound foundation in the faith. Yet he insists that he is only a regular person trying to follow Allah.

Brother Roger has had many health problems in his relatively short life (he is now 28). He was seriously ill with cancer and has had two heart attacks but reports that he has been healed. When he was ill he found it very difficult to find anyone to help him. Now he believes strongly that Muslims should become more involved in helping others in similar situations, and not just through the masjid.

Brother Roger is married and the father of a nine-month-old son. He and his wife have three older children as well. His wife became interested in Islam through him and the day she said her Shahada was also the day that they married, all within the space of thirty minutes!

Several months ago, Brother Roger came up with the idea of establishing a charity which he calls Muslims Helping Muslims. He describes it as “an Islamic-based charity founded upon principles of Islamic giving, dedicated to helping those in need, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.” (Check out the Facebook page here.) Some of the things the charity has done is provide reading matter to prisoners and others, Islamic clothing for new sisters and newly-released Muslims, and financial help to those who cannot pay bills or have their prescriptions filled.

If you want to know more about how to donate, either goods or money, go to the charity’s web site here.


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  1. Assalamyalaikum!
    To whom it may concern. My name is Meeralebbe Alim Aknef, 42 years old. Nationality SriLankan,Lives in Ukraine. I married Ukrainian girl,27 years old.We Have dot 8years and son 2.5years. I’m working as a manager in Kiev. We do’nt have perment resident. My salary its not enough to save so mony to buy ahouse, because evry mounth paying RENT. The Bank lones are to much take percent. so reqesting you to help to buy a house witout percent. I can pay evry mounths pay 250us,please write me your ideas. Thanking you an anticipation REPLY. Mr. Aknef Tel 380934901090, 380962004535 Email; Skype; ukrainetea WASSALAM.

    1. Wa Alaykum as salaam sorry for the delayed response but i never thought to check the blog for response or comment. I want you to understand that our charity does not buy people houses or give loans we help with emergency situations. If you are working and have the money to pay rent your blessed more than many are so be greatful to Allah that you have these means. Bank loans are often interest based meaning Riba which is forbidden to us but if you choose to go this route i leave between you and Allah however 250 US Dollars is not enough to pay rent here much less house payment my light bill is more than that each month may allah aid you

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