“Muslims in the West” Photo Journal

“Muslims in the West” is a blog which features photos and short bios of Muslims who, you guessed it, live in the West. These are just ordinary people like you and me who happen to love Allah and who are attempting to incorporate their faith into their everyday lives. Some of them are converts, others born Muslims, but the one thing they all have in common: they are proud to be Muslim.

The blog was inspired by the reaction to Muslims after 9/11. The originators were tired of stereotypes that say that Muslims are unpatriotic just because they embrace Islam as their religion. (Does anyone ever say that about Christians?) They wanted to show that you can be a Westerner and a Muslim. (This is important for non-Western Muslims to know as well.)

If you’re interested in posting a picture of yourself or of someone else (get their permission first!), go to “Submit Pictures” for instructions.  Make sure you include a few sentences or paragraphs about yourself and how your faith relates to your life.

Photos on this site include female martial arts experts, entrepreneurs, scholars, newlyweds, and so on.  What picture would you use to depict yourself and how would you represent yourself in words? It’s an interesting question for all of us.

I find this especially inspiring because I don’t have a lot of contact with other Muslims. It’s easy to feel isolated, especially if you don’t belong to an ethnic community. These brief glimpses into other Muslims’ lives help to foster the feeling that we’re all part of the world-wide ummah.


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