Prayer Reminders

As a baby Muslim, one of the problems I’ve been having is remembering to pray, especially at the right times. I’ve been using a chart, but that requires me to check it all day, and sometimes I forget. My intention is there, but I’m a scatter-brained type of person, get easily distracted and tend to hyper-focus on whatever I’m doing (I’ve been diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder). For instance, when I’m writing, I forget to eat, even if I’ve been writing all day.

I downloaded Salaat Time.2 the other day from CNET and it has really helped me to be consistent with my prayers. It automatically sets the correct prayer times and calculates the Qiblah for your location. There is a graphical display that shows you all the prayer times for the day as well as how long it is until the next prayer. You can choose the Adhan you want to hear, what juristic method is used for calculations and whether or not you want to hear duas after the Adhan. It’s very simple to use and very effective—as long as my computer is on. Oh, and it’s free.

This is only one of many different prayer reminder software applications that are out there. Some of them can even be used on your mobile, if you have the right kind (like an iPhone). One such application is Sun Dial by Islam Tech, LLC.

Part of being a new Muslim is establishing new habits. I’m hoping that using Salaat Time will help me to become more mindful of my prayer obligations, Insh’allah.