Share Your Ramadan Story on CNN

CNN is planning a four-week series on modern Islam that will run daily through the month of Ramadan, and they want you to get involved!

The series will look at what it means to be Muslim and how people live as Muslims in 2010.

CNN invites you to grab your camera and show the world how you are embracing your faith. Show and tell what it means to be Muslim today, how Ramadan is observed where you live, what your life is like during Ramadan, including special customs or traditions.

Your story can be told through photos or video. The best images and stories will appear on air or online as part of CNN’s global coverage.

To see others’ stories, or to share your own, go here.

One Reply to “Share Your Ramadan Story on CNN”

  1. Assalamulakum, my name is Sabbi Fatima I am 11 years old. I loved that story.Mashallah it came to my heart staright away……. I hope we all do get closer to Allah (Almighty) and eachother. I even hope everyone has had a good ramadan just few more days then it will be gone :( Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!!!!! :) Jazakallah Khair Assalamulakum wa rahmatullahe wabaraktu!! :)

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