What I Love About Islam

I love the meaning of Islam: submission and peace.

I love that Islam has no concept of original sin.

I love that Eve is not blamed for our fall into sinfulness.

I love that Islam is so smart about human nature.

I love that the Qur’an is one long letter from God to human beings.

I love Islam’s emphasis on moral behavior.

I love its emphasis on helping and serving others.

I love that women are cherished and honored.

I love that women are prized for their inner beauty and are not seen as sex objects.

I love that there is no gender discrimination between men and women.

I love Islam’s emphasis on the family.

I love that I have a direct line to God.

I love the prayers.

I love that we are called to make a special effort to remember God and come into His presence five times a day.

I love that Allah reveals His nature and His intentions so clearly.

I love the 99 names of Allah.

I love that Allah gave us His Messenger to guide and inspire us.

I love that Islam reveres all the prophets.

I love that Islam teaches that there is to be no distinction between people.

I love that Islam teaches peace and tolerance.

I love that Islam is all about justice and fairness.

I love Islam’s emphasis on acquiring knowledge.

I love Ramadan (and the way Allah and other Muslims help me to get through it!).

I love the Five Pillars.

I love knowing that Allah created me intentionally and knows me intimately.

I love being held accountable for my actions.

I love that Allah makes it so clear what He expects from me.

I love that there is such a thing as repentance and starting over.

I love that Allah takes into account my intentions.

I love my brothers and sisters in Islam (the ummah).

I love being known as a Muslim.

I love knowing that this life is a test and that through patience and perseverance, submission and faith, I can meet all trials with grace and humility.


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